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Looking for Custom Jewelry Online to pamper yourself? Or you are planning to find new jewelry for an up-coming event to match your new dress? We can help

We bring the comfort of jewelry shopping online so you can get them at the comfort of your home. Our range of product combines with different style and the finest materials, to bring you a different selection of jewelry that complements on your different daily preferences.

With arduous attention to detail, your jewelry will be as stylish and lasting as you expect them to be. Quvox Jewelry is the finest jewelry online in Singapore providing the best quality and intricately hand crafted pieces for your loved ones.

So, when you are looking for a wedding ring, a gift for your mom or simply some memorabilia that you plan to hand down to your son, Quvox Jewelry can customize the trinket based on the design and style you want. Choose from hundreds of different mediums including diamond, sterling silver, gemstone, and many more.




With our diamond jewelry online store in Singapore, you can buy jewelry with affordable price without worry that it will break your wallet.

In Quvox Jewelry, we believe that everyone should not be going out plainly, with a little gemstone pendant around the neck or wearing a heart shape earring. it will bring out a different in you.


of Jewelry Collection!

Don’t just settle for a garden-variety gemstone jewelry that does not show value for your money. Demand for a finely crafted piece that lasts for generations. Quvox Jewelry is known for exquisitely crafted necklaces, rings, or bracelets that you won’t find anywhere else in Singapore.

Our online store also gives you the power to create your personal pieces based on your budget and the style you want. We can work on your jewelry so you can get value for your money and make a lasting impression on your loved ones.

Quvox Jewelry is the best online shop if you want to own a piece that truly gives you the exquisite feeling of wearing a jewelry design you have envisioned. Shop our jewelry collection now! Be the envy of your friends and make your dreams come true from our finely crafted selections!


For Your Loved Ones

We’ve all been there! Looking for the appropriate wedding diamond ring, an anniversary gemstone ring, or the perfect sterling silver jewelry for your mom can be as hard as it gets. But being able to know what surely delights them will ultimately melt their hearths when they receive the best Quvox Jewelry.

So, how do you choose the perfect gift for your loved ones? It all starts by knowing the occasion and event. A diamond necklace can be an elegant choice if you want to surprise her on her birthday and want something that she can wear occasionally.

Jewelry Online Custom Jewelry

Jewelry Power

Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique

Complements what you have

Jewelry is like the perfect spice - It always complements what's already there

Be The Ridiculous

It's Better to be absolutely Ridiculous than absolutely Boring

Be Different

In order to be irreplaceable, One must always be Different



We are here to provide timeless memories, a wearable diamond jewelry, where little girls can try to wear their mum's gemstone jewelry and pretend that they are dressed up for some fancy occasion.

Jewelry has always been a way of personalizing an outfit, whether you are in a wedding dinner or out for meeting with friends, jewelry is a way to showcasing your style on what can be a very plain outfit.

With us, styles are timeless, elegant and the kind of pieces you wants to wear with every outfit whether it's a daytime look or an evening ensemble

Accent You Style

With new collection

A little goes a long way when it comes to custom jewelry. A well chosen jewelry can transform an outfit, make a daywear dress something of the night, brighten up a short hairstyle, or become a focal point in its own right.

With our Jewelry Online Store, you can easily find something that can match your style to bring the uniqueness in you.